Maintain a High-Performing Workforce

Attracting, training, and developing the next generation of utility staff is quickly becoming a significant focus area for every major water utility. A high-performing organization needs to address capturing and transferring institutional knowledge, succession planning, career development and personal growth opportunities for its workforce. Training and incentives that enhance and recognize employee efforts provide the means to establish higher standards to meet the needs of modern utility operations. PWSA’s shift to a learning-based culture will help attract and support a high-performing workforce.

Increase Hiring Effectiveness

Developing a strong workforce relies on identifying and hiring qualified applicants. To that end, PWSA is committed to implementing a new Human Resources Information System (HRIS), reviewing and improving job postings and position descriptions, optimizing and streamlining the hiring process and timeline, and reviewing employee total compensation packages.

Enhance Workforce Engagement and Performance

Increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of our organization requires engaged, developed, and high-performing PWSA employees. Creating this workforce will require PWSA to work cooperatively with unions to find and act on opportunities to increase workforce performance and effectiveness; complete a training program roadmap and inventory of the training requirements for all positions at PWSA; dedicate additional resources to training and development, as well as health, safety, and risk management; and establish and track productivity goals for work groups, where applicable.