Ensure Customer and Stakeholder Satisfaction

PWSA is committed to maintaining an elevated level of quality, performance, and value. While the utility has recently experienced infrastructure failures, billing issues, and negative media reports, PWSA is actively working to regain community confidence. Recognizing that the utility must earn customer’s support and trust, PWSA has already begun to engage the community and communicate many of the positive changes that are being made to enhance service.

Respond to Customers and Stakeholders in a Timely Manner

Being responsive to customers is paramount to earning their trust and recognition of PWSA as a valuable community resource. To do that, PWSA will Develop Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and standard scripts for effectively managing common types of customer contacts, provide customer service staff with additional training and call monitoring, and increase contact center resources to meet call volumes and achieve target performance goals.

Regularly Provide Clear and Effective Information

Customer and stakeholder support and trust begin with understanding, and that begins with the information that PWSA shares. PWSA is committed to developing a communications plan, to include social media and web-based strategies, increasing transparency, and developing educational materials.

Utilize Advanced Meter Infrastructure to Generate Accurate Customer Bills

Ensuring customer satisfaction, as well as utility revenue sufficiency, relies on PWSA’s ability to accurately read meters and generate the corresponding bills. This requires PWSA to meter all users, including public and commercial users; verify AMI and CIS communications to ensure accurate data transfers; adopt industry best practices for billing quality control and assurance; and adopt AWWA Water Loss Management Practice.