Improve Infrastructure Reliability

PWSA operates and maintains over 2,000 miles of water and sewer pipe, two water treatment plants, and numerous water storage reservoirs, pumps stations, manholes, and fire hydrants. Unfortunately, most assets are underground and hidden from view, so problems with these important networks often goes unnoticed until failures occur. This has led to decades of underinvestment. PWSA is dedicated to investing the necessary resources to elevate the condition of its infrastructure and minimize system failures.

Implement Enhanced Maintenance Practices

Enhanced maintenance practices allow PWSA to extend the useful life of its assets and reduce costs over time. Doing so requires PWSA to inspect and rate the condition of gravity pipe segments on a regular schedule, add additional crews to implement and maintain a 2-year cycle of valve and hydrant exercising and increase field crew productivity.

Renew Aging/Failing Infrastructure

PWSA’s success in achieving its mission and accomplishing its goals relies heavily on the condition and sufficiency of its infrastructure. Continuing to focus on developing and maintaining that infrastructure to meet customer needs now and into the future will occur by implementing and staffing the internal Project Management capability necessary to oversee and manage capital projects and ensuring sufficient resources to align capital renewal with the desired service levels.