Be an Efficient and Effective Organization

The people of Pittsburgh expect PWSA to provide excellent value, spending the public’s money and using its resources as efficiently and effectively as possible to ensure the delivery of high quality services. To meet these expectations, PWSA will increase its productivity and streamline its systems and processes. Ultimately, PWSA is focused on instituting better practices, implementing modern technologies, and using data to drive improvements to organizational performance. These changes will allow us to continue to provide the high-quality and timely services our customers deserve.

Implement Enhanced Work Practices and Standards

Increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of our organization starts with instilling a culture of continuous improvement in PWSA employees. This will allow us to look critically at our existing operations, use data to identify key areas for improvement, implement change, and measure success. Specifically, PWSA will establish a Performance Improvement group to help instill and grow a culture of continuous improvement, adopt technologies and reporting processes to seamlessly communicate progress in key performance areas, and use a combination of internal and external resources to address critical staffing needs.

Invest in Information Technology Systems and Resources

Our goal is to enhance our organization’s performance through the implementation of modern technology, which will support the work practices and standards described in Focus Area 1. To achieve this goal, PWSA will implement robust IT systems that allow for increased levels of service and the elimination of paper-based record-keeping, including a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS), a Human Resources Information System (HRIS), and an updated Customer Information System (CIS); and an increase IT resources to support security, programming, database administration, and desktop support.

Maintain Financial Integrity

Our goal is to consistently meet or exceed targeted financial metrics while delivering clean, safe, and reliable service to customers at rates they can afford. To do that, PWSA will establish and maintain revenue sufficiency to meet increasing levels of operating and capital costs; implement cost-justified rates that are consistent with industry best practices; report the results of operations annually in a Comprehensive Annual Financial Report; and implement an affordability program to provide customer assistance.

Informational Finance Measures

Ensuring success in the financial focus area will require PWSA to establish financial metrics that can be continuously monitored; implement proactive and cost-justified rate increases; enhance the billing process to reduce billing errors; develop an affordability program; and assess the program’s impact on system revenues.